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Personalized in-home dining superbly planned, prepared and executed by Chef Ryan Borchelt

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Whether it’s regular weeknight meals for the family, stocking the freezer for a convalescing relative or a special candlelight dinner for two, Exclusive Chef personal chef services can provide you with fresh, custom made meals.

Chef Ryan Borchelt prepares all meals in his spotless kitchen, then delivers the prepared food to your home at your convenience with detailed serving instructions. All menus are specifically tailored to the client's tastes and needs, and are updated weekly — after all, variety is the spice of life! Exclusive Chef takes care of the grocery shopping and food preparation, saving your valuable time and assuring that you get exactly the meals you want, when you want them. If you like, Chef Ryan will make wine-pairing suggestions designed to enhance your dining enjoyment.

In addition to providing family meals and romantic, four-course dinners for two, Chef Ryan can help take the anxiety out of throwing in-home dinner parties, and offers personalized cooking classes for small groups.